Jolie Day


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What the hell is she doing in my strip club?
She wasn’t supposed to be a stripper.
She was the new waitress, but when she got up on stage,
I couldn’t take my eyes off her.
And when she started to strip,
I had to keep my jaw from hitting the damn floor.
Sorry, I’m not touching her.
I’m not the man she once loved.
She has no business being in a place like this—or with a man like me.
She’s pure and innocent, I’ve got more demons than hell itself.
I thought I was prepared for anything.
But nothing prepared me for her.
Now the darkness is closing in, and it’s too late to run.
One night.
That’s all I want.
That’s all I need.
She will carry my baby.
Because only I can protect her.
Even if nothing will protect her from the evil inside me.
Not even myself.
She's daring the devil—What the hell did she think would happen?

MC biker president. Feared, uncompromising, possessive. From USA Today Bestselling Author, Jolie Day, comes VORN, a stand-alone MC romance. All books in the series are standalones, no cliffhanger. Only for mature readers. Contains graphic language and explicit adult content.
Jolie Day
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