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Robert Kennedy

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From the bestselling author of Pop Goes the Weasel, Red Herrings, New World Order, 9/11 Conspiracy and many more.

Robert Kennedy, JFK and the Death of Marilyn Monroe.

Who Didn't Kill Them?

For five decades the world has been told that the killers of John F Kennedy and his brother Bobby were either already dead or languishing in prison.

Lee Harvey Oswald was shot the day after the assassination but the Warren Commission, set up to investigate the brutal murder of the President, insists that he did. And that he acted alone. Details in this essay prove beyond doubt that the small piece of evidence that could prove it one way or another has never been revealed.

And Sirhan Sirhan, the young Palestinian currently residing at the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego County, California, could not have killed Bobby Kennedy either. The evidence, never released until now, prove conclusively that he could not have fired the fatal bullets.

And as for their shared lover, Marilyn Monroe? Well, much debate has been had about her untimely death. Was it the CIA? Was it the FBI? Were the Kennedy's themselves responsible, or the Mafia, who also had good reason to silence the dumb blonde?

Well, the truth about the death of the Twentieth-Century's most famous actress will surprise many people as further evidence emerges about that untimely event too.

This book may be short but it is a great read and will inspire anybody to do their own research into the three of the most famous (and linked) deaths in history. And each with their own conspiracy theories.

This is part of Albert Jack's Mysterious World Series
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