Charles Chadwick Jr.

Chadwick's College Checklist 2 Steps w/Tips on How To Cut College Costs

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Are you unsure about pursuing higher education due to fears about college costs and loans? This guide will show you how to get it done without accumulating mountains of debt.

Chadwick’s College Checklist is a small publication that carries a big punch. It explains how to minimize the costs of getting a higher education or professional training, while exploring the often complex and confusing terrain of college costs.

The author shares his personal experiences of earning two college degrees, providing information on funding opportunities and options for defraying college costs while taking care of one’s financial responsibilities and remaining financially solvent. In other words, he explains how to manage and properly postpone college payments while being able to pay all incoming bills on time with cash to spare. His methodology is clear, concise, and easy to follow. His anecdotes and words of wisdom keep readers engaged throughout the journey as he explains the ins-and-outs of how to get a higher education without compromising your financial stability. If you are unsure about pursuing college due to fears about expenses and loans, this publication will offer hope and insights into achieving your educational goals without accumulating mountains of debt. As many Millennials struggle today to repay their student loans while hoping for government student loan forgiveness, the author is not in this category. He was motivated to make it on his own by creating and taking advantage of every opportunity that came his way during college. Chadwick's College Checklist is a must-read guide for anyone contemplating college on a limited budget.

Order your copy now and take the first step for your future. The author cut his total college cost by 40%
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