D.L. Ashmore

Ugly Business

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When lives are treated like garbage, will a by-the-book homicide cop find the clues needed to take out the real trash?

Tampa detective Mike Ash works tirelessly to defend the world from monsters. So after a couple of nurse techs are strangled and left in dumpsters, he fears humanity’s worst is stalking the city streets. And when the body of a young girl is also found discarded, the shrewd investigator swiftly deduces there could be more than one murderous hand at work.

With sensationalist TV news pushing the panicked community to demand results, Ash and his colleagues quickly pull in the suspects. But after the dumping of a fourth victim with evidence that points to conflicting M.O.s, the experienced cop draws a grim conclusion: there are too many unknown killers still on the loose.

Can he cut through the heap of confusion before there’s another lethal disposal?

Ugly Business is the nail-biting fourth book in the Mike Ash crime series. If you like fast-paced action, cutting-edge science, and pitiless villains, then you’ll love D. L. Ashmore’s dogged police procedural.

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Will Hahn
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