Amelia Wilde

Before She Was Mine

A wounded warrior. A forbidden love. And one last chance...
Dayton Nash was never allowed to love Summer Sullivan. She's was his best friend's little sister. Touch her? He couldn't look at her without feeling his best friend's wrath.
So he went to war. And he survived — barely. He's a broken man with a broken body. Every heartbeat is agony...even after all these years.
He's still not allowed to love Summer.
Summer thought she'd never see Dayton again. Not after he broke her heart. Not after he left her behind.
She thought wrong.
Dayton's new life is a minefield of secrets and pain. Loving him is dangerous. The hurt between them is hot enough to burn.
It doesn't matter. Summer can't leave him behind. She won't.
But Dayton's secrets are deadly. And if they want to build a life...they must survive the sins of his past.
Contains mature themes.
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