Kendall Ryan

The Marrying Kind

Welcome to Kodiak Canyon, where the men outnumber the women, the beards are impressive, and the beer is home-brewed. Ella Westover and Austen Hart are about as different as they can be. After losing her parents in a tragic accident, Ella is determined to live her life to the fullest, and so she sets off on an adventure, complete with a hand-written bucket list tucked safely in the worn pages of her journal. Her first stop? Kodiak Canyon, elevation nine thousand feet, population just over six hundred. The views are breathtaking, the mountain air is sweet, and the pace is slow . . . it’s everything she’s dreamed of. Austen is a real-life mountain man. A local with a knack for surviving in the toughest of climates, he’s got everything a man could need . . . almost. The only thing he doesn’t have is a wife, a pretty maiden to warm his bed at night, someone to share his homestead with. Kodiak Canyon has a lot to offer, but female companionship isn’t one of them. He isn’t about to let the beautiful and strong-willed Ella get away so easily. Ella might take him up on his room to rent, but she’ll never be someone’s wife. She’s got a plan. A life to live. But as she starts ticking off items on her bucket list . . . one that she never imagined starts to take center stage. Fall in love.
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