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The Seven Deadly Sins are more than just a myth. They're hell, and they're here on earth.
Darius Jones is just trying to survive in a city that doesn't give a damn if he lives or dies, and even though his life is far from perfect, he's found a way to make it matter.
Until a monster wearing human skin shows up on his doorstep and tears it all to shreds.
After losing everything he's ever loved, Darius discovers that the world is full of supernatural horrors he never knew existed. He finds himself swept up with the Martyrs, an underground resistance group dedicated to eradicating this evil for good, and he's torn between leaving them behind to rebuild his life from the ground up or joining their ranks for a chance at revenge against the people who burned it down in the first place.
But it doesn't take long for him to realize he wasn't just sucked into this war. He's been part of it from the very beginning...
Resurrection is the award-winning first book in the dark urban fantasy series, The Martyr Series. If you like gripping action, graphic violence, and the supernatural fight between good and evil, you won't be able to put Resurrection down!
Pick up your copy today to find out if Darius and the Martyrs have what it takes to win this war.
MC Hunton
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