Simone Leigh


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When the Hunt is on, who is the Predator, and who, the Prey?Baxter seeks revenge against Klempner.
The Master’s Child, Cara; James’ and Charlotte’s daughter, Klempner’s granddaughter, is safe and well.
But what of Georgie? The Master’s other child?
A Steamy Revenge Thriller
Reviews from the EBook5 Stars: “Wow, it got me again, I was left shouting “no”…” Wendy (Goodreads)
5 Stars: "... Again 10 stars of awesomeness I love these..." Christine Abee (Amazon.com)
5 Stars: “… I think the author is giving us some of her best and most creative storytelling ever! If I could, I'd give this way more than 5 stars.” Emily (Goodreads)
5 Stars: “… Simone Leigh has this entire world as her muse!! Great job from her and such a fantastic read!!” Anne Young-Cronister (Goodreads)
5 Stars: "OMG! Yes! ... These situations are combined and interwoven into the original storyline’s plot giving us an incredible non-stop, action-packed, dangerous, hard-hitting and explosively suspenseful tale that is alluring and mesmerizing, drawing you into the drama that culminates in a twist that will leave you breathless right before the cliffhanger ending. I am so in love with this series." Rose Brown (Goodreads)
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