Kelleigh Clare

Two Pretty Lies

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Some lies are just prettier than others.
Katherine Reed is a sheltered prodigy, contemplating her future when she realizes a brooding stranger is watching her. British outsider Thomas Hastings has found his match. From the moment their eyes meet, a dangerous attraction consumes them.
As they grow closer, they keep their backgrounds hidden, but after the perfect date, a corrupt political agenda brings their worlds crashing together. When Thomas discovers Katherine’s real identity, he vows to take out the assassin searching for her father…because she’s the one standing in the line of fire.
Thomas knows he should let Katherine go once she’s safe, but he’s driven by his dark craving for her. And with each little lie she tells, he wants her even more. But to hold on to her, he must give her the only thing she’s ever wanted…her freedom.
Readers who love steamy forbidden romances are calling Two Pretty Lies a suspenseful, slow-burning new-adult romance you’ll devour in one sitting.
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