J.H. Hansen

A Stoic Life

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A Stoic Life: A Beginner's Guide to Stoicism Philosophy, Learn How to Live a Happy Life Using This Ancient Wisdom
You have probably heard of Stoicism and how it can change your life forever. Listening to this audiobook will give you an insight why. Once you have learned and understand more about Stoicism, you will realize that it is easy to apply in your everyday life. One of its main philosophies of Stoicism is about improving the individual's ethical and moral well-being. It also focuses on how to develop self-control and fortitude to overcome destructive emotions.
This audiobook will act as your guide in learning the valuable information related to the Stoicism philosophy. It will give you all the information so you can have a better understanding of Stoicism and how you can apply it to your life. You will discover how stoicism was applied in real life situations so that you can realize that its ideologies are attainable.
This audiobook will teach you about the following topics:
Stoicism, Is it a Philosophy? Meditate, Learn To Accept Anger vs. Non-Reactivity SpaceThe Practice of Poverty TranquillityYou must keep an open mind in order to understand fully the beauty of Stoicism and how it can significantly help improve your life. To get started on your journey towards understanding Stoicism, scroll up and click “add to cart” now!


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