Neil Humphreys

Rich Kill, Poor Kill

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When a foreign worker is found dead in a Singapore back street, few people care. But then another victim turns up, and then another, all killed with the same weapon.

With its reputation as a safe, global city in ruins, Singapore struggles to come to grips with its first serial killer in decades.

And when a famous woman disappears, terror takes hold.

In desperation, the authorities turns to the one man they loathe almost as much as the serial killer Detective Inspector Stanley Low. Belligerent and unrepentant, Low's insubordination has been punished with a menial desk job. He's angry and refusing to address his bipolar condition, making him the least qualified detective to head a murder investigation with the world watching. He is also the only man capable of understanding what drives the serial killer.

But Low's mental health deteriorates as he mimics the mind of a madman in search of the sickening truth. He must solve the case quickly to stop a serial killer and save his sanity.

Neil Humphreys was raised in a Dagenham council house and somehow became one of Asia's best-selling authors. "Be My Baby" (2008) chronicled his journey to parenthood and was his first international bestseller.

Humphreys then moved into fiction, penning two satirical novels about the Beautiful Game "Match Fixer" (2010) and "Premier Leech" (2011). Both critically acclaimed in the UK, and both bestsellers. "Premier Leech" was selected as the FourFourTwo Football Novel of the Year in the UK. "Match Fixer" also gave birth to Detective Inspector Stanley Low. The character spawned his own crime thriller series, the international indie bestseller "Marina Bay Sins" came first, closely followed by "Rich Kill Poor Kill". He also writes children's books.
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