Hailey Jackson

Strength Training for Women

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Strength training seems, to most people, like an inherently male pursuit. Women often looked down their noses at the concept of bodybuilding due to concerns about becoming 'overly masculine.’ Instead many women tend to spend a lot of time in doing other types of exercises such as light toning and cardiovascular exercises. Although these exercises can help to reduce body fat and tone your muscle to some degree, you can never truly change the shape of your body unless you start strength training.

Even a beginner's strength training routine will burn calories and fat. When you lift weights, you put your body through a series of resistance training moves in order to build muscle. This type of training not only replaces fat with muscle, it also increases your metabolism.

This book features a strength training plan that can be used right at home. You'll learn:
• The benefits of strength training for women
• Strength training exercises and a 7-day training plan
• Bodybuilding nutrition and clean eating recipes
• Strength training tips for beginners

Try the strength training workouts in this book, and it won't be long before you begin to look and feel better.

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