Reigo Vilbiks

Guided Sleep Meditation For Self Love & Healing

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"I Love Myself" is the most powerful thing you can say to yourself. This simple affirmation will change your day, change your whole life.
By saying it with your voice, you make it resonate in your whole body. Your voice is the amplifier of your thoughts. You can move mountains with your voice.
You can heal your mind and body with your voice. By saying, "I Love Myself" repeatedly, you will tune your body vibration into a more harmonic state of being.
You are a vibrational being. The physicality is just a feeling, and feeling is vibration. Self-love is the answer to every question in your life. By loving yourself, you will start to radiate out a harmonic frequency just like a beautiful blossoming flower. You will attract other being into your life who also love themselves and you can share and grow your love together.
If you love yourself, you are abundant and healthy. Your life will flow effortlessly into a beautiful fairytale.
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