Martin Chambers

Sailing the Seven Sustainable Seas

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"What I like about sailing is that it is sustainable. You set the sails and the wind propels and you can go to the end of the world with little extra thought. You don't need too many clothes and certainly you are not a slave to fashion or the need to dress in the latest style. Some locally sourced food and off you go."
These entertaining stories of sailing life began when Martin and his wife Kerryn departed from Adelaide on thier run-down yacht. They were headed for Fremantle but they forgot to turn right at Kangeroo Island and arrived in Hobart. It was an easy navigational error to make.
Once in Hobart, in order to avoid an almost global pandemic they remained in Tasmania. After all, Tasmania is at the end of the world and even a virus wouldn't want to go there. It was a strategy as successful as their navigation, but here you will hear no sotries of lockdowns or vaccinations. Instead, seven stories about wildlife, onboard catering, waste and power managment. Stories inspired by the reality of sustainable sailing in the same way the desire to sail home to Fremantle resulted in a trip to Tasmania.
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