Gordon Lioy


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Thanks to the drop shipping strategy, it is no longer necessary to manage large stocks of products to enter the world of ecommerce and start working online.This book is a step-by-step guide to dropshipping, which allows you to start selling online without any initial investment and without having to worry about shipments and allows us to focus on marketing, advertising and our sales funnel.Designed for beginners, it still contains many interesting ideas with strategies to increase the conversion rate or the effectiveness of the adverts. We will discover the mechanisms allowing you create a store without inventory, or to sell with a private label, that is a brand completely new and our property, on Amazon using Amazon's logistics, Amazon FBA.
We will learn how to create a customized product to distinguish ourselves from the competition with a unique offer, how to enhance it and how to convince those who purchased our product to come back in the future.
We will then describe the mechanisms for advertising on Facebook, on Google Ads and some methods for acquiring buyers and for doing up-selling and cross-selling to expand our dropshipping store revenue.


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