Jasmine Womack

Simple Prayers for Swift Results

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Did you grow up thinking there was a "right" way to pray?
Have you ever been ashamed and scared of praying in public, because your prayers were...normal? Have you ever prayed about a situation and felt like your prayers were going unanswered and unheard?
If so, Simple Prayers for Swift Results is for you.
When I stopped trying to pray like other people, and just be myself, I found that my genuine prayers, although short, yielded results.
I realized that prayer does not have to be "deep" and long to be heard by God. You do not have to be a so called "prayer warrior" to receive the guidance and divine revelation you seek.
In this book, I share my personal prayers that will help you maintain or improve your prayer life and get very quick answers regarding pressing situations and circumstances.
With each of these prayers, I give the behind-the-scenes for each prayer including:
How the Prayer Originated
Why I Prayed that Specific Prayer
Ideal circumstances to use the prayer for
The immediate result of the prayer and WHEN it happened
I invite you to join me in prayer, get the real revelation you desire, and become equipped with the tools and information you need to get the change in your life you want to see!
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