Tom Fowler

The Confessional

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A bloody corpse. A priest with the wrong history.

A rookie PI trying to figure it all out.

Hacker-turned-private investigator C.T. Ferguson is new to the job. He's learning the ropes. He wants an easy case.

Instead he gets a mess. Near a Baltimore church, a man is found murdered, stabbed a dozen times in the chest. C.T. uncovers the victim's history of abuse by priests—including the one stationed at the church.

Then, there's Ernie, a publicity-hungry blogger and podcaster who injected himself into a murder case.

With the priest reluctant to talk about the past, Ernie in jail, and enforcers hounding him, C.T. must sort through everyone's histories to figure out what happened.

The Confessional is a gripping crime novella and a perfect short read for mystery fans.
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