Amanda Backman

December 8: Reborn – An Erotic Christmas Calendar

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"Helena lightly caressed Mona's bare thighs, they were hot in contrast to the chilly air. Mona shivered and gasped, as Helena reached the panty line and slowly moved the panties along her taut legs until they rested at the ankles against her black booties."

Helena has made up her mind. After another night with the amazingly sexy Mona, there's no turning back. Mona has made Helena understand what pleasure and intimacy mean, and now she has to tell Pelle that she has met someone else. This Christmas, Helena will be reborn.

Amanda Backman is a Swedish author who has initially published poetry. She was born in 1993 and grew up in Skåne. In addition to writing, she also works as a freelance editor in the book industry.
Emma Ericson
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