Ashley McLeo

Coven of Shadows and Secrets Series books 1-3

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This audiobook omnibus includes three full-length books:
Seeker of Secrets
Hunted by Darkness
History of Witches
The boxset does not include a full series, but rather, the first half of a series.
Seeker of Secrets synopsis:A past erased from my memory . . .
A protector I never wanted . . .
An enemy (or two) determined to strike me down . . .
One day I’m raiding tombs to buy my freedom from the man who has controlled me for years.
The next, I’m caught and thrown into an Egyptian prison, only to be rescued by a vampire.
Yes, a vampire.
Tobias is as stunning as he is grumpy, and it turns out that he has a proposition for me. One I can’t turn down because it could spell freedom.
So a few days later, I relocate to New Haven, to Yale, and meet a secret society of magical dark artifact hunters.
They tell me that I have magic too.
But that’s not the craziest thing.
My last heist unleashed great evil on the world. Thankfully, the secret society seems happy to help me right my wrongs and discover my power. Maybe even help me to remember my forgotten past too.
Well, most everyone, anyway. Tobias is the notable exception.
Too bad for him, he’s also assigned as my partner. My protector—a designation that he clearly despises.
But when danger comes calling, Tobias and I need to learn to work together and find the object I stole in Egypt because if we don’t, it could very well mean my death.
Seeker of Secrets is an urban fantasy romance. If you like the found family aspect of Vampire Diaries, the slow burn and intense romance of the Fever series, and the action of Supernatural, you’ll love the Coven of Shadows and Secrets Series.
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