Lauren Smith

Penthouse Prince

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A fun new billionaire romance from USA TODAY bestselling author Lauren Smith that will leave you laughing and aching for more.
Enter Beckham Ellicott: hot, rich, and the worst neighbor ever.

His playboy ways with a never-ending line of companions should be an instant turn off for shy Poppy Ashford, but she can't help but be curious. Ok, mildly interested. Ok, maybe interested but also completely annoyed from her much quieter apartment beneath his lavish penthouse.
Until one night he shows up at her door completely naked with nothing but a dishtowel to cover his… well, you know.
Can the inexperienced new lawyer survive the flirtatious real estate mogul? Or will one night of seduction erode the walls they've both worked hard to build?

*Note this a short story of 6,000 words with a happy ending.
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