Rachel Lawson

The Dark Side of the Moon

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also included in book Tempus Fugit or Tempus Flies and Tempus, lord of time
The grim reaper sat drinking a cup of coffee as a man in his office peacefully until his son ran in his office. "Dad you won't believe it the moon has hatched!" The Necromancer shouted. His father choked on his coffee.
"You alright Dad?" asked Lance worried.
"Yes, you psycho! The moon did what?" Blake, his dad said to his serial killer son.
"This is more important than you and me! The moon has hatched It was an egg!" Lance said hardly believing it himself and he saw it with his own eyes.
"Ok, I'll try to prioritize! What came out a mega space chicken?" asked Blake who was also the emperor of the solar system.
"If only it was a space chicken!" Lance said sadly.
"Then what hatched from it?" Ask his father.
"A giant space locust!" said Lance.
"Oh no they are world killers, they are worse than you!" said Blake,"They lay eggs in planets!" said Blake standing.
"Dad I am fate's-" Lance moaned.
"Assassin!" Blake interrupted.
"Whatever! We have a solar system to protect!" said Lance.
" Ok, then come on boy we need to get help," Blake said.
They ran out of the office. Through the gates of the other world and into the dimensional portal leading to the Earth and appeared in Blake's backyard. They paused slightly seeing the locust!
"Oh my God!" Blake said seeing the giant planet killer. It resembled a praying mantis. "It looks like fate wonder if they're related?" Lance said.
"Wouldn't surprise me he's insane, sending you off to kill people he doesn't like!" Blake said "I've not seen a space locust before," Blake stood in awe of the beast.
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