Kelly Mass

African American History

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The history of African-Americans has been complicated and controversial. While some will fight against racism, others deny the severity of it throughout the ages. Whether or not the issue is as serious as it used to be, is a separate topic for debate.
In this guide, you will not read much about opinions but about facts. Society has come a long way since the inauguration of slavery and suppression of the minority in the United States. As leaders stood up and laws have been adjusted one by one, more freedoms have been secured to what nowadays constitutes about 10-20% of the population. Whether it’s enough, is another question that divides political enthusiasts.
You will learn more about the first slavery, the rise of the cotton market in the southern states, the abolitionism of slavery, the separation, and individuals like Martin Luther King and Malcolm X who have made a significant impact on the common perspective on these issues. Many things have changed over the past two centuries. Let’s find out what.
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