Jess Thornton

The Witch of Grandad Bluff and Others Box Set

Jess Thornton, private eye, is a young man from the small city of La Crosse Wisconsin, who nevertheless manages to find himself in strange, and often supernatural situations as he tries to solve crimes. From traveling through time, to fighting witches, he could only survive with the help of his preternaturally gifted warrior friend, Alexander Blackdeer. The two of them together, in this box set of four tales, manage to meet Elvis, King Arthur, and even Nathan Hixon of early La Crosse historic fame. Driving his old Packard 1950 Packard 8 restored auto, he attacks crime where he finds it, with Alexander the mighty warrior beside him. They fight by the side of Native Americans from long ago, and war with magical medicine men and eagles that are possessed by sorcerors. But, at the end of the day, they wind up back at home in present day La Crosse, either at Jess's high rise Hoeschler building downtown office, his north side boathouse, or at Alexander's immaculately restored Victorian mansion on Indian Hill. And on their downtime, they grill food, work out, drink beer, and smoke cigars...
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