The Occult Anatomy of Man, Manly P.Hall
Manly P.Hall

The Occult Anatomy of Man

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Manly P. Hall was the founder of the Philosophical Research Society. In over 75 years of dynamic public activity, he delivered more than 8,000 lectures in the United States and abroad, and authored countless books, essays, and articles. In his lectures and writings, Manly Hall always emphasized the practical aspects of philosophy and religion as they applied to daily living. He restated for modern man those spiritual and ethical doctrines which have given humanity its noblest ideals and most adequate codes of conduct. Believing that philosophy is a working tool to help the individual in building a solid foundation for his dreams and purposes, Manly Hall steadfastly sought recognition of the belief that world civilization can be perfected only when human beings meet on a common ground of intelligence, cooperation, and worthy purpose. Through this book you have the ability to personally expand the knowledge with wisdom and understanding. Listen to it with an open mind and decide for yourself....
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The Occult Anatomy of Man, Manly P.Hall
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The Occult Anatomy of Man, Manly P.Hall
The Occult Anatomy of Man
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