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A scorned athlete and scientist leaves a trail of destruction defending her marvel serum.
When a car accident puts Mia’s twin in a coma, the disfavored teenager adopts her sister’s participation in athletics to earn her parents’ praise. Having never won them over, she competes in professional sports and follows in their footsteps by becoming a scientist. After securing funding for a human advancement serum and showcasing its partial success, a competing company threatens to steal it. Afraid of losing her backers, Mia uses the experimental drug and gains ultrahuman strength and healing.
Mia’s battle to rid herself of threats turns deadly when her attackers kill a bystander attempting to help. With stalwart self-reliance and the need to keep her abilities secret, Mia fights alone to protect the formula. While the enemy regroups, Mia discovers her father’s journal, revealing clues about her parents’ dark past.
As Mia’s world crumbles, she must overcome inner demons, make a shocking choice, and break a pattern of mistrust to save her life and career.
Since her earliest memories, Mia has gravitated toward science. It became her life’s ambition and profession. She refers to it as The Reason.
Interwoven in Mia’s DNA is Unity, Mia’s identical twin. They promised to protect each other above all others. She refers to it as The Pact.
Mia’s parents had children after years of failed pregnancies. They favored Unity, so Mia developed a coping mechanism. She refers to it as The Wall.
After a car accident at sixteen, Unity remains in a coma for twenty years. Mia adjusted to life without her. That’s when her soul’s fourth element manifested. She refers to it as The Choice.
Mia must change and remain a heroine or remain unchanged and become a villain.
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