Dale Mayer

Simon Says... Forgive

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Some cases stay with you longer than others. This is one of them for Detective Kate Morgan. That poor child was the worst part. Plus it’s one thing to desecrate a church, but it’s quite another to commit murder in one—particularly in this manner. Confused, but knowing she must understand the psychology of this killer before she can understand where his next killing ground will take place, Kate buries herself in the case.
Simon is trying to be there to support Kate, but his own world shifts when he’s asked to step in to analyze issues in a poker buddy’s company, only to have the guy commit suicide soon afterward. Or did he? Between his buddy’s issues and the horrific nightmares Simon’s dealing with—surrounding Kate and her latest investigation—Simon’s life is slowing unravelling too.
Finding the killer is paramount. … Finding him before he annihilates another family? Well, that’s a much harder job. Kate has no choice. … She must stop him before he kills yet again …
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