Harita Patel

Positive and Peaceful

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What would life be like if you filled your mind with positive thoughts instead of repeating patterns of worry? Often, the biggest culprit of stress is not having control over our own minds and spiraling into anxiety. But with the right tools you can rein in that negativity, and learn to see the glass half full.

This program has been designed to relieve your stress when you most need it, and let positivity rule your life.

This program can help you:

Reduce your stress levels naturally
Love the life you live now
Become a more positive and peaceful person

The audiobook includes:

Chapter one: Daytime meditation. Listen with your eyes closed.
Chapters two and three: Powerful affirmations. Listen during any part of the day or evening.
Chapters four to seven: Listen to these nightly subliminal affirmations on a low volume either before or during sleep.

Become stress-free, and use your imaginative mind for good instead of wasting it with worry. You can transform yourself into a positive person with an extraordinary life.
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