Rachel Lawson

The Grudge

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"I can't see you attacking a woman why don't you defend yourself Blake," said Blake's lawyer. "I never said I did, Gabriel," said Blake Alexander, "everyone is accusing me of fighting with her but she started the scuffle messed up herself attacked me and screamed I was attacking her on a crime scene."
"I believe you!" said the lawyer.
"I pay you to believe me," said Blake gruffly
"and yet I still believe you," said Gabriel.
"thank you no one else does," said Blake.
"Jnr does too we'll help clear your name," said Gabriel.
"thank you," said Blake not putting much hope in the help.
"Who called for a delivery of chicken," shouted
snr after he saw Gabriel in his masked chicken suit at the door.
"Hilarious Lance, where is jnr?" said the Chicken.
"I had an idea to clear your grandad's name," said the chicken.
"what is it?" asked Jnr.
"I need some help I found out where the woman who accused Blake of attacking her goes dancing and I need your help," said the chicken.
"Hello do you want to dance?" a handsome young man ask a lonely wallflower sitting watching the dancers.
"Yes thank you, sir," replied Fiona Lambert standing up.
They walked to the dance floor and waltzed.
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