Jim Lawler

Crawling Back

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'Next steps are better than consequences'
Pub owner and ex-fence Mike Bishop has a problem. Drug dealer Ned Davies and wannabe gangster Ash Jones want to run the county line from Liverpool to Aberystwyth. Hot head Ash assaults rival Ned in The Anchor, the pub Mike owns. The assault of Ned leads to retaliation and more violence. Mike is loyal to Ned, his best customer, and also to an old mate Louis Beaumont, the father-in-law of Ash Jones. Louis is married to Ruth. Because of what happens to Ash, an emotional Ruth Beaumont swears vengeance. She hires Big Beard Mo to kill Ned. Mike needs to keep the peace between Ned, the Beaumonts and the dangerous Big Beard Mo. Mike also has to convince his fearful wife and a suspicious policeman from the past, persuade them that he remains reformed and innocent. Mike will only survive if he is cautious and treads carefully.
Crawling Back is the sixth hard hitting thriller from resident Red Rattle Books hardman Jim Lawler.
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