Takara James

Saving Takara

The purpose of breaking free is to remove the things in our lives that keep us bound. Most of our fears, lack of confidence, and stressors, keep us chained for years with fear of no escape. We ask the question of how to change generational curses, traumas and other issues, but the reality is, the change begins with self.
Takara learns a lot about death, life, love, and loss after the death of her parents, a failed marriage, and other failed relationships along the way. As a kid who had to become an adult without her parents, divorcing in her twenties, and coming across people who reminds her of her insecurities, Takara quickly learns that the only way to break the chains is to save herself.
In this memoir, Takara shares intimate details of her life experiences and how she learned valuable lessons on her journey toward a fresh start.
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