Ryan Holiday

Stillness Is the Key

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In the third book in the trilogy that includes The Obstacle Is the Way and Ego Is the Enemy, bestselling author Ryan Holiday draws on ancient Stoic and Buddhist wisdom to show why slowing down is essential to getting ahead.
Throughout history, there's been one indelible quality that great leaders, thinkers, artists, and visionaries have shared. It enables them to conquer their tempers. To avoid distraction and discover great insights. To achieve happiness and do the right thing.
The Zen Buddhists described it as inner peace, and knew it was essential whether you were a Samurai warrior or a monk. The Stoics and Epicureans called it ataraxia and believed it was a bulwark against the passions of the mob, a requirement of good leadership and a pathway to deep truth. Ryan Holiday calls it stillness—to be steady while the world spins around you.
In this book, he outlines a path for achieving this timeless, but urgently necessary way of living….
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    Assyl Zhakupovhat Zitat gemachtvor 12 Tagen
    The writers Kurt Vonnegut, the author of Slaughterhouse Five, and Joseph Heller, the author of Catch-22, were once at a party in a fancy neighborhood outside New York City. Standing in the palatial second home of some boring billionaire, Vonnegut began to needle his friend. “Joe,” he said, “how does it feel that our host only yesterday may have made more money than your novel has earned in its entire history?”
    “I’ve got something he can never have,” Heller replied.
    “And what on earth could that be?” Vonnegut asked.
    “The knowledge that I’ve got enough.”
    Ivana Beatricehat Zitat gemachtletztes Jahr
    Find people you admire and ask how they got where they are. Seek book recommendations. Isn’t that what Socrates would do? Add experience and experimentation on top of this. Put yourself in tough situations. Accept challenges. Familiarize yourself with the unfamiliar. That’s how you widen your perspective and your understanding. The wise are still because they have seen it all. They know what to expect because they’ve been through so much. They’ve made mistakes and learned from them. And so must you
    cerulex -hat Zitat gemachtletztes Jahr
    To possess quietude—exterior and interior—on command.

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