Matthew Lyons

The Times Guide to the House of Commons

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The most definitive and authoritative guide to 2010’s much-anticipated General Election.
Compiled and written by The Times’s unrivalled team of leading political journalists, The Times Guide to the House of Commons offers an in-depth look at UK politics, charting the run-up to the general election of 2010, as well as a thorough analysis of the extraordinary outcome and the implications it holds for Britain’s future.
This large-format authority on UK politics will prove an indispensable and enjoyable point of reference for anyone interested in the state of government in Britain.
Published just 9 weeks after the official election date, this is the first account of its kind to hit the shelves.
Contents include:
• Commentary and essays from leading Times political writers, including Matthew Parris, Ben MacIntyre, David Aaronovitch, Daniel Finkelstein and Ann Treneman, covering a great range of fascinating subjects and angles.
• Expert analysis of how Britain voted and why. Includes like-for-like comparison with the results of 2005.
• Inside accounts on why David Cameron embraced a full coalition with the Liberal Democrats and of Gordon Brown's decision to call off an early election.
• A personal account from Mattthew Parris on why his own parliamentary career failed, and advice on what an MP must do to be effective.
• A wealth of election statistics: which MPs have the most vulnerable majorities; new MPs; MPs by age, length of service, etc.
• Results by constituency: informed and pithy summaries of every MP; series of full-colour maps detailing election results across the nation.
• The coalition agreement in full.
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