Historical Detectives

    The Holy Thief, Ellis Peters
    A Guide to Deduction: 2nd Edition, Hannah Rogers
    Black Coffee, Agatha Christie
    The Labours of Hercules, Agatha Christie
    After Midnight, Diane Shute
    Shandral, Charlotte E.English
    The King's Evil, Edward Marston
    A Bitter Chill, Jane Finnis
    The Repentant Rake, Edward Marston
    The Romanov Succession, Brian Garfield
    The Heretics Treasure, Scott Mariani
    Speaks the Nightbird, Robert R.McCammon
    A Clash of Spheres, P.F.Chisholm
    Spider's Web, Agatha Christie
    Clouds of Witness, Dorothy L.Sayers
    The Amorous Nightingale, Edward Marston
    The Silver Locomotive Mystery, Edward Marston
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