The Venetian Venture, Suzette A.Hill
    Improbable Fortunes, Jeffrey Price
    The Satanic Mechanic, Sally Andrew
    Friday The Rabbi Slept Late, Harry Kemelman
    Blackberry Pie Murder, Joanna Fluke
    Hot Dish Heaven, Jeanne Cooney
    No Love Lost, Margery Allingham
    The Summer We All Ran Away, Cassandra Parkin
    Mystery Mile, Margery Allingham
    Knit One, Die Two, Peggy Ehrhart
    Law and Disorder, Mary Jane Maffini
    Chocolate Cream Pie Murder, Joanne Fluke
    Cooking the Books, Kerry Greenwood
    On the Scent (Book 1), Angela Campbell
    Monday the Rabbi Took Off, Harry Kemelman
    Fire in the Stars, Barbara Fradkin
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