The Perfect Affair, Lutishia Lovely
    The Chateau by the River, Chloé Duval
    The Perfect Deception, Lutishia Lovely
    Diamond in the Rough, Jane Goodger
    You Can't Hurry Love, Lee Kilraine
    Lady Be Good, Heather Hiestand
    Love 2.0, Lee Kilraine
    To Love A Texan, Georgina Gentry
    To Wed A Texan, Georgina Gentry
    To Seduce a Texan, Georgina Gentry
    To Tempt A Texan, Georgina Gentry
    Arthur Rex, Thomas Berger
    When Love Commands, Jennifer Wilde
    Blindsided, Katy Lee
    Waking the Serpent, Jane Kindred
    The Blade, John Johnson
    Shafts of Light, Rob Hicks
    Guardsman of Gor, John Norman
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