Goodness Nose, Richard Paterson, Gavin Smith
    The Letters, Jane Austen
    Andrei Tarkovsky, Layla Alexander-Garrett
    Yin Yoga Master Class, Marcy Tropin
    Noa Noa, Paul Gauguin
    For the Love of Wine, Alice Feiring
    Life and Death in Shanghai, Nien Cheng
    A Traveller’s Life, Eric Newby
    Beyond My Control, Suzan Collins
    The Best Times, John Dos Passos
    Dadland, Keggie Carew
    Mornings In Mexico, David Herbert Lawrence
    The Man Who Died, David Herbert Lawrence
    Rock 'n' Roll Love Stories, Gill Paul
    A Parrot in the Pepper Tree, Chris Stewart
    The Cheese and I, Matt Feroze
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