Ciara Selene

Poor, Pretty Creature

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Observation one: there is no obvious change in Subject's appearance. As it is, Subject is female, aged seventeen to twenty-two, of ambiguous ethnicity (it is presumed that she is mixed-race, judging from her appearance), approximately five feet tall and a hundred pounds. She was discovered in an unconscious state, and thus far, she remains so. Contamination has been confirmed, but to what degree is unknown. More information to follow.

Observation two: Subject has no memory of The Event. This begs the question-is this peculiar to her? Was she, perhaps, unaware of what was happening to her, and unconscious during it? Is she a hapless victim? Or is this common? Is The Event so terrible, so utterly incomprehensible to the human mind, that one must block it out to protect oneself? And, more importantly, will her memory return with time? More information to follow.

Observation three: Subject reported unexpected information: she knew her attacker…
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