Reopening America and the World, Editors, John Allen, Darrell M. West
Editors,John Allen,Darrell M. West

Reopening America and the World

The coronavirus has imposed a heavy toll on people’s lives, livelihoods, and connections with one another. As America and the world reopen from this devastating pandemic, we need to examine how the process is taking place, its impact on individual lives and livelihoods, and learn from the experiences of other nations.
In this book, we look at the experiences of the United States and other countries to see what we can derive about the reopening and its economic, social, and policy impacts. We present the insights and observations of Brookings scholars who offer their thoughts and recommendations for future action. Our goals are to inform the public conversation about Covid-19, help business, government, and civic leaders take their next steps, and think about the immediate and longer-term consequences of the virus.
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