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This book follows John, a businessman who lives in Manchester (UK), around for 2 days. In the process you can witness and study basic, everyday conversations he has with his family, his colleagues at work, with taxi drivers, hotel staff, and many others. This will equip you with very useful phrases and conversation patterns you can use right away, be it for travelling, at work, on your language course, with your partner, or just talking to yourself. Enjoy!

Day 1
Morning at home
Taking Sarah to school
Going to the supermarket
Packing for the business trip
Talking to the secretary about an upcoming trip
Making a restaurant reservation
Having a team meeting
Going for lunch
Having a call with his boss
Taxi to the airport
Check-in & security check
Boarding the plane
Talking to the stewardess
Checking into the hotel room
Dinner with business partners
Discussing product details
Using the hotel pool
No toilet paper left
Family call
Call with mum

Day 2
Getting breakfast at the hotel
Good morning call
Hotel check-out
Client meeting
Client meeting (2)
Taking the subway
Meeting with high school friend
Taxi to train station
Train ticket to Manchester
Picking up Sarah from school
Arriving home
Dinner at home
Pillow talk
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