Nadine Viermann

Herakleios, der schwitzende Kaiser

Millennium transcends boundaries — between epochs and regions, and between disciplines. Like the Millennium-Jahrbuch, the journal Millennium-Studien pursues an international, interdisciplinary approach that cuts across historical eras. Composed of scholars from various disciplines, the editorial and advisory boards welcome submissions from a range of fields, including history, literary studies, art history, theology, and philosophy. Millennium-Studien also accepts manuscripts on Latin, Greek, and Oriental cultures.
In addition to offering a forum for monographs and edited collections on diverse topics, Millennium-Studien publishes commentaries and editions. The journal primary accepts publications in German and English, but also considers submissions in French, Italian, and Spanish.
If you want to submit a manuscript please send it to the editor from the most relevant discipline:
Wolfram Brandes, Frankfurt (Byzantine Studies and Early Middle Ages): brandes@rg.mpg.de
Peter von Möllendorff, Gießen (Greek language and literature): peter.v.moellendorff@klassphil.uni-giessen.de
Dennis Pausch, Dresden (Latin language and literature): dennis.pausch@tu-dresden.de
Rene Pfeilschifter, Würzburg (Ancient History): Rene.Pfeilschifter@uni-wuerzburg.de
Karla Pollmann, Bristol (Early Christianity and Patristics): K.F.L.Pollmann@bristol.ac.uk
All manuscript submissions will be reviewed by the editor and one outside specialist (single-blind peer review).
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