The Unofficial HBO's Girls Cookbook, Judy Gelman, Peter Zheutlin
Judy Gelman,Peter Zheutlin

The Unofficial HBO's Girls Cookbook

Eat and drink your way through New York with Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna . . .
This e-Book includes nearly two dozen recipes for fans of the HBO hit show Girls:
* Stop in at Café Grumpy and learn how to make a French press coffee the way Ray and Hannah would
* Recreate Jessa and Thomas-John’s Foundry wedding cake, with buttercream icing made from local NYC rooftop honey
* Bake up the Salmagundi Club’s chocolate cookies, like the one Hannah nibbles on after her cringeworthy reading at the prestigious art and literary association
* Try your hand at authentic pierogies from Christina’s Polish Restaurant, a short walk from Hannah’s Greenpoint apartment
* And more—from Brooklyn Pad Thai and Jessa’s White Russian to BabyCakes Black-and-White Cookies and Baked Eggs Warwick Style
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