Rolly Bastard

Kill It All Away

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“Silence of the Lambs meets Californication… With a bit of The X Files thrown in.”
Why would someone try to destroy an already ruined man?

Rolly Bastard’s life is a tsunami of suck.

He was once a rich and famous writer, but now he’s a “recovering” addict and barely functioning. Broke and newly homeless, he has lost his wealth, his wife, his ability to write, and his daughter hates him.

And just as things can’t get any worse, someone frames him for murder.

As the body count of people from Rolly’s past rises, the police think they’ve got their man. And so begins a dangerous game of cat and mouse as Rolly desperately tries to clear his name and unmask the real killer before it’s too late.

Kill it All Away is an unputdownable thriller with shocking twists and turns and an unforgettable hero who you will love to hate.

You don't have to be a good person to be the good guy.

“Fast-paced, acid-laced Cali-noir… Definitely an addicting read.” Reader Review

“Excellent, well written, engaging fly by the seat of my pants thriller.” Reader Review (5 stars)
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