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Erin Pim

Landing Strip

Five hot tales of mile high sex plus a bonus story in which the plane might be grounded but the passion certainly isn't!

Pen Pals by Erin Pim A woman struggles with monogamy in a job that constantly keeps her away from her boyfriend. At the peak of her loneliness, she receives his permission to engage in a cyber pen pal relationship while she's away with work. Her mood is so much improved, that her boyfriend encourages her to sleep with her pen pal, if the opportunity arises. The cyber sweethearts' first meeting ensues when they coincidentally end up on the same flight.

Coffee, Tea or Him by Megan Hussey
As a veteran pilot, Capt. Stella Marin finds nothing more thrilling than the experience of flight; that is until she meets Joshua Pike, a gorgeous young flight attendant who stops at nothing to entice and seduce her. Soon the two are enjoying an affair that flies them to new heights of ecstasy.

The Jet Set Life by Megan Morgan
The rockstar life can be such a drag-especially when your job is to take care of one who needs a babysitter at all times. The only thing that makes personal assistant Mikael Dandridge eager to fly all over the country is Sasha Blake, the sexy flight attendant on his rockstar employer’s private jet. Sasha has a passion for service, but also for being served. Mikael gives her some first class treatment and gets to be the one indulging in decadence for a change.

Straight Up by H.L. Lola
Nick took a chance asking for her name and it paid off.
Mia took a chance losing her inhibitions and she got off.
After two strangers part from a night of passion on a tropical vacation, they thought the fun in the sun was over.
High above the ground, but seated apart, Nick and Mia would find a way to join each other again for some action in the sky.

The Metre High Club by Anna Sky A 1940s re-enactment event was far more interesting than Katie thought it was going to be. Originally joining her boyfriend Jack to keep him company, she discovered Lindy-hop, lemonade and low-level aircraft activities.
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