George Delmarmo

When God Ain't Lookin

When God Ain’t Lookin’ is about the relationship of a young man, George and an older woman, Ann. George did not know of their difference in age nor the fact that Ann was studying to become a nun. The story spans both of their lives as they meet and part periodically throughout their lives. George is never quite able to forget about Ann. The story is further complicated by the fact that Ann has stolen money from the church. She was giving it to George. The setting for the story moves around the United States and Mexico before ending in Canada. About the Author: George Delmarmo is a retired accountant and attorney living in Brick, New Jersey. He has traveled extensively while representing an international list of clientele. His experiences varied to all types of assignments that required his special mixture of talents. He started writing to fill the void in his life created by his retirement. He has written a series of books, which are a reflection of his travels and experiences. He is a member of the New Jersey as well as the New York bars and is a licensed accountant in the State of New Jersey. Memoirs of a Retired Modern Day Mercenary, George. George is a retired mercenary who at the end of his career started writing his memoirs.
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