Bryan Woolley

November 22

A fictionalized account of the assassination of JFK as experienced by the people of Dallas and the world.
Through a myriad of characters both real and invented (and some whose names have been changed) journalist and author Bryan Woolley presents one of the best dissections of Dallas life in 1963 in his novel November 22. Covering the twenty-four hours surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Woolley accurately captures the essence of the day’s atmosphere, resulting in a rich cross section of a city more complex and diverse than many observers have been willing to acknowledge. He details the transformation of the world in the twinkling of an eye and peers into the shifting lives of all people affected by this shattering event. Readers will be surprised at how relevant the book is to the Dallas—and America—of right now.
Praise for November 22
‘‘Knowing that Bryan is one of the best writers in Texas, I expected November 22 to be an incisive, insightful look at the Dallas of 1963. It is. What left me thunderstruck was how relevant the book is to the Dallas—and America—of right now. Bryan was a couple of decades ahead of his time. I’m thrilled that this book is once again available for a wide audience.” —Michael Merschel, The Dallas Morning News
“Bringing Bryan Woolley’s novel November 22 back into print is a great idea. It’s quite simply one of the best dissections of Big D on that dark day in 1963.” —Don Graham, J. Frank Dobie Regents Professor of American and English Literature, author of State of Minds: Texas Culture and Its Discontents
“There is no great Dallas novel, but November 22 is the closest thing to it.” —D Magazine
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