The Magic of Believing for Young People, Claude M.Bristol
Claude M.Bristol

The Magic of Believing for Young People

The Magic of Believing for Young People helps young people start life headed in the right direction, shows them how to use their capabilities and talents to achieve what they want from life, gives them self-confidence at an age when they need it most. Most im­portant of all, it is presented to teenagers in terms they can understand, and it is de­signed to provide them with the groundwork for building successful lives. Contents 1. Success And You 2. Mind Power Experiments 3. What Do You Want? 4. What Is The Subconscious? 5. How To Make Decisions 6. You Want To Believe? Here'S How! 7. How To Form Mental Pictures 8. Try These Techniques 9. Fear And Imagination 10. Seeing Is Believing 11. Your Money Problems 12. Getting Ahead 13. The Wandering Mind 14. Master Of Yourself
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