Tricia Karp

Media Talk

Don’t talk to the media before you read this book!

Dealing with the media is a tough gig. You get just one chance to nail your message and grow your reputation – or damage it, potentially in front of hundreds of thousands – even millions – of people.

The media carry enormous power… but so do you, when you learn how to make the most of opportunities to engage with them.

The tips and techniques outlined in this ground-breaking book masterfully combine intricate insider knowledge of the evolving world of media with principles of the art of leadership communication, learned over decades of direct experience as both an interviewer and an interviewee. In these pages, you’ll discover:

• Why you shouldn’t talk to the media
• How to adapt to today’s media environment and be ready to respond
• The secrets to influencing and shaping what the media say about you • A highly effective system to control the direction of media interviews
• What to do when crisis strikes to ensure you come out on top
• Three key elements to remain calm under pressure
• How to ensure you and your organisation stand out for the right reasons
• How to communicate leadership in even the toughest circumstances

“Don’t talk to the media before you read this book. Full of insider secrets from someone who knows the media inside out, Media Talk takes the stress out of high pressure situations and puts you in the driver’s seat.”- Mark Robinson, Author of Winning The Wealth Game

“Tricia Karp has written the modern media handbook. Her advice and spirit, insight and depth make this book an essential resource.” – Nuala Hafner, Media Personality
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