Full Exposure : Opening Up to Sexual Creativity and Erotic Expression, Susie Bright
Susie Bright

Full Exposure : Opening Up to Sexual Creativity and Erotic Expression

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Hailed by  Utne Reader as “a visionary” and the San Francisco Chronicle as “the X-rated” intellectual,” Susie Bright is indiputably the  sexpert of our times.Now, in a frank and intimate look at our own erotic experience, she reveals the ways in which individual sexual expression has the power to inspire, challenge, and transform all of our lives. Bright explores some of the most complex questions about sexuality todaym including: What are the real differences between men's and women's sense of the erotic?Why is it so threatening to conscioulsy address sexual desire?Is there a line to be drawn in erotic creativity-can you go so far?How can articulate erotic expression make us better lovers, more important, better people?
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