My Sister for Trade: Interracial Forced Seduction and Submission Erotica, Jen Queens
Jen Queens

My Sister for Trade: Interracial Forced Seduction and Submission Erotica

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Resentful older stepsister arrangers for her black dealer to move in and forcefully take younger, more attractive sister.

Sample 1: Kelly turned to Reggie and whispered, “Looks like you'll be having fun with my little sister soon, Stud.” Kelly stroked Reggie's c*ck early the next morning while he slept, watching his black snake grow in response to her caresses.

“That's it, big boy, get nice and hard for my little sister,” she whispered. As the virile organ burgeoned beyond what Kelly imagined possible, she wondered how the hell he fit the thing in his pants. “You're going to give Tiffany quite a treat,” she continued as she held the hefty appendage with both hands. “That feels good girl, but what you doing? I thought you wanted me to fuck your stepsister,”

Reggie asked.

“You will, stud. I'm just getting you ready,”

Kelly answered before attempting to fit her lips around the head of Reggie's c*ck. With some effort, she managed to open her mouth wide enough.
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"You really need to get your act together," Tiffany told her older stepsister, Kelly.

"Du har virkelig brug for at få din handling sammen," Tiffany fortalte hende, at ældre stepsister, Kelly.

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