Jason Andrew,Tonia Brown,Gregory L. Norris,Chris Reed,Brad Hunter,Charlotte Nevers,Eden Royce,Emily Veinglory,JD Stone,Jack Burton,Jacquelyn Summerset,James Beamon,Jenny Corvette,John McNee,KV Taylor,Kenneth E. Olson,Kenneth Whitfield,Larissa Alloway,Lawrence Conquest,MP Johnson,Natalie L. Sin,Rex McGuire

Steamy Screams: Anthology of Erotic Horror

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Lust and horror, two of the strongest feelings humans can experience, are combined in this anthology from Blood Bound Books. 21 short stories of pleasure and pain, divided by nothing more than a thin gray line. And the only thing more terrifying than the taboo kinks themselves, is the fact that maybe you can actually relate. Perhaps you’ll see a bit of yourself within these pages. What’s your pleasure, and how far would you go to achieve your steamy scream? “Many of the stories here are well-written and explore just about any major kink you could think of. I consider myself a fairly progressive fellow but at times I found myself raising a brow at what I had encountered. Make no mistake: that’s very much a compliment. If you’re into erotic horror or enjoy literature that pushes boundaries, you should add Steamy Screams to your personal library.” —Matthew Politi of HorrorNews
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